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Cody Dieruf

On April 28, 2005, George and Ginny Dieruf lost their amazing daughter, Cody, to her lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis. She was 23. Cody was a gifted student, athlete, and ballet dancer, having danced in New York and elsewhere before she gracefully succumbed to CF.

George, co-owner of The Powder Horn before Schnee’s and PH joined forces in December 2006, established the Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation with Ginny in March 2006. Breathin’ Is Believin’ is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing much needed financial support for the Bozeman area children and families struggling to cope with this terrible disease.

Schnee’s actively supports the Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation, and I want to encourage you to support this wonderful organization as well.

I never had the privilege of knowing Cody, but this video submitted by Ginny is beautiful.


2 Responses

  1. I just came across your Schnee’s PowderHorn blog tab and was most excited to see our daughter included in the Partnership with Schnee’s PowderHorn. The PowderHorn Outfitters is a community supporter and The Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation gives you our heartfelt thanks for your continuing support. Our Foundation was formed to carry on Cody’s legacy and to help our local families who struggle with this terminal illness. Thank you Schnees PowderHorn Outfitters for “Helping Us Help Our Own”
    donations can be made to
    http://www.breathinisbelievin.org or to
    P O Box 6044, Bozeman, MT 59771

  2. George-Am sure you will not remember me but I was a few year younger than you. You, and she, touched my soul like nothing has for a very long time. God’s blessings to you and I hope that you are healing.
    Most sincerely, Vivian Reiser, Class of ’66, BSH

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