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Hunters – For Love of the Land

An interesting article appeared in the November 2007 issue of National Geographic Magazine. In addition to giving Schnee’s a nod to continuous support of habitat conservation efforts like those performed by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the article raises issues such as the movement of quality hunting to private land, and the decline of hunting and associated impacts to the nation’s state fish and wildlife agencies.

What are your thoughts regarding this article? Do you see the next generation of hunters in decline? Where was your last hunt – private or public land? Are conservation efforts by Ducks Unlimited, Pheasant’s Forever and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation enough?

Let’s keep the conversation going.


One Response

  1. I thought the article was fantastic! I was glad to see the nod to Schnee’s in the article. It brings about a very important topic that companies need to take into account, and that is if we make our living off of the land or sell products to help people get out there, we need to work towards conservation. I saw the examples that Schnee’s and others created years ago and with HuntingLife.com we are giving 10% of gross revenue straight to conservation organizations to protect our lifestyle. All of the money we donate will go directly to habitat and kids in hunting.

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