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Why we hunt

There are many reasons why we hunt: Meat for the freezer; Seeking a connection with our primal past; Spending time in pristine wilderness; The chance to explore an unknown area…

A letter we received from Mr. Dan Stefani highlights one of the best reasons to hunt – Renewing the bond with our children and our parents:

On what would have been my dad’s 79th birthday (10/14/07), my son Taylor downed his first buck. My dad Ray, passed away earlier this year, and wanted Taylor to have his trusty .270 Winchester (pre-64 Model 70).

A remarkable sequence of events led Taylor and I to a mountaintop near Markleeville, CA (South of Lake Tahoe, near the Nevada border)…. Earlier this summer, we received a rejection letter from the California Fish and Game Department for his elk and antelope application. The very next day, Taylor received one of 15 special junior tags to hunt the Carson River Mule deer herd! When I saw the dates of the hunt, I thought what a fantastic coincidence it would be if Taylor could shoot a deer on my dad’s birthday (the second day of the 10 day season).

Not only did Taylor connect on his first and only shot, the deer was dead before it hit the ground with a perfect shot; from his grandfather’s deer rifle; on his grandfather’s birthday.

By the way, this is the same gun I used to get my first buck 30 years earlier, with my dad at my side. I now know the pride he felt for me 30 years ago…. There are too many coincidences that lined the stars up for this unforgettable day. There’s no doubt in my mind that my dad was there helping his grandson bag this magnificent trophy.

Dan Stefani
Danville, CA

P.S. – My dad was a huge Giants fan too – see hat in picture!

Please continue to send us your stories, observations and comments.


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