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Montana Spring Turkey Success!!

Just got this email from Jason Matzinger, Powder Horn Pro Staff:

“Just thought I would let you know how the spring has started off here in MT.  The first weekend we went out the weather got the best of us.  It snowed about 6 inches of wet heavy snow and we were forced to pack up camp and hope for clearer skies ahead.  On April 19th we decided to head out east and try it again, and I’m glad we did. The last three days have been crazy as we have put four birds on the ground.  They are responding to the decoys like I have never seen and we managed to get some great footage that I can’t wait for you all to see!  I shot my bird yesterday at 40 yards @ 9:30 a.m. and he never left his tracks.  He was definitely the dominant tom out of about 10 other toms and jakes.  None of the other birds would dare fan if he was in sight as they were afraid of getting thier a*@ kicked!  As soon as this guy saw our Montana Decoy at full fan he came on a line strutting the entire way.  It was truly a spectacular sight and I can’t say enough about how fun these birds are to hunt!

Good Luck out there this spring!

Jason Matzinger
Powder Horn Pro Staff

Now for the good part:  Check out these photos of Jason and George Dieruf (Powder Horn Staff):




All in all, a great weekend in Montana!


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