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Badlands Bino Vault

Badlands Packs makes some great hunting packs-  the Badlands 2200, the Monster Fanny Pack, the Super Day Pack… but there’s one item that most of us could definitely use: The Badlands Bino Vault. The Bino Vault uses a Zip/No system ( a series of numerous very small earth magnets woven into a seam) that allows a totally silent opening and closing, plus it has pockets on the inside, and extra holding areas on the sides (for a radio & GPS), plus there’s a built-in area on the shoulder harness for a 35-oz hydration bladder. Even if you’re not a hunter, the Bino Vault makes a lot of sense if you spend a lot of time in the outdoors and want a fairly minimal set-up to carry your gear. The Bino Vault retails for $60 and is available on the schnees.com website.

Travis Morris was in the Powder Horn Outfitters store conducting a clinic on all the Badlands Packs and was kind enough to help shoot this video of the Bino Vault system:


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  1. […] the full article, with a video clip here. […]

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