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Great Hunting Moments!

Don Cowan

Don Cowan

“I would like to thank Schnee’s for the great advice on Sitka Gear and their wonderful customer service for helping to make my first Elk hunt a complete success.  The advice given was right on and I had no concerns while in the field with the gear I had purchased.  I wore Sitka Gear exclusively and had core, thermal, 90% Pants and Jacket along with ColdFront system and two vests.

We had all weather conditions during the week from warm to 10 degree weather with rain, sleet, snow and of course some
beautiful clear skies.  With the Sitka Gear from Schnee’s I was able to adjust my layers and zippers to maintain my comfort and I was able to stay warm.

I also really liked the Schnee’s binocular harness system and the neoprene cover.  This system kept the binoculars under control and prevented them from bouncing around while on horseback and stalking.


Don Cowan”


One Response

  1. Nice Binoculars I think I have the same ones. I really like them, I just cant seem to break the things I must have dropped them 50+ times

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