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SITKA GEAR 40-50% Off Sale!

Sitka Gear Mothwing Mountain Mimicry camouflage apparel & equipment is on sale now at Schnee’s for 40-50% off. Core layers, pants, shirts, jackets, vests, packs, caps… this is a great way to add to your Sitka Gear collection or to get your gear at a great price.

Includes the Sitka Gear Coldfront Jacket, Coldfront Pant, StormFront Jacket and Stormfront Pants, Traverse Bottom, Sitka Core Zip-T, Sitka Gear Core Crew, Sitka 90% Jacket and Pants, the Sitka Gear 14 Ascent Pack, the 45 Bivy Pack, the Flash 20 Day Pack, Celcius Bib, Ascent Pant, Celcius Hat, Traverse Beanie, Traverse Glove… Lots to pick from, great depth of merchandise. This sale is also ongoing at Schnee’s Powder Horn Outfitters in Bozeman, Montana.

Flash 20 Day Pack - Save $70 - Schnee's


6 Responses

  1. Very exciting. Have you tested the new woodland sitka gear?

  2. i am looking for sitka mountain mimicry cold front jacket , 90% jacket and a core zip t

    • Hi Nathan, Sitka discontinued the Mothwing pattern last year. To my knowledge these items are sold out across the globe, the only place I still occasionally see and itme or two show up is Camofire.com, you might check on eBay as well.


  3. How do I see what Sitka you have in stock on sale?

  4. I have a pair of SITKA mothwing 90% pants in size xxl. I woul dtrade for XL or sell for 125.00

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