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Spring Bear Season Is Near

Spring in the West is an exciting time for sportsmen. The changing of the seasons lets us know that it is time to put away the skis and winter clothes once again and exchange them for our favorite boots and binoculars. As the snow begins to melt in the high country and southern facing slopes begin to green up, states such as Montana, Idaho and Wyoming prepare to start off the 2010 big game hunting year with the spring Black Bear season.  Black Bear can be hunted from Alaska to New Mexico and practically anywhere in between, but a few western states offer good bear populations along with reasonably priced tags available over-the-counter for non-resident hunters.

Black Bears will typically begin emerging from their dens around March/April and will spend the next few months grazing and restoring their strength for the upcoming breeding season. During this time bears remain particularly active during the day making it easier to spot the bears roaming around. Depending on the style or method of hunting that you prefer, you should be able to find a state with generous season dates that caters to your desires in a bear hunt.

If you prefer bow hunting, Wyoming offers an Archery-Only season in many units that begins a couple of weeks prior to the general spring bear season. Archery equipment can be used to hunt bears in Montana and Idaho, but for the most part these states offer a “general” spring bear season that is shared with firearm hunters and archery hunters may be required to wear blaze orange.  Wyoming and Idaho differ from some western states in that they allow the use of hounds and baiting to hunt and take spring bear, special permits may be required for these types of hunting so be sure to check with the appropriate departments prior to your hunt. Montana does not allow the use of hounds or baiting for hunting bear, but with an abundance of accessible forest lands Montana is a great choice for those interested in do-it-yourself spot-and-stalk type of hunt.

If “spring-fever” has you restless and looking for a retreat, consider a spring bear hunt out west. Non-residents can hunt Black Bear in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana for around $350-$400 after licenses, tags and fees, not a bad price for those interested in a do-it-yourself adventure! More information on spring bear hunting out west is available through the following links~

Wyoming Game and Fish Department : http://gf.state.wy.us/index.asp

Idaho Fish and Game: http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks: http://fwp.mt.gov/


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