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Satisfied Customer!

Here at Schnee’s, we pride ourselves on producing what we consider to be finest footwear and apparel available. Whether we are on the ranch or in the field, the only thing we enjoy more than putting our products to the test ourselves is hearing about our customers experiences and successes with Schnee’s products. We recently received this great photo and letter from a faithful customer in Washington state after a successful Mt. Goat hunt in the rugged Pacific Northwest!

“Dear Schnee’s Staff.

I want to say thank you for a great product. I recently purchased a pair of your Wilderness hiker boots and they were the perfect choice for my Mountain Goat hunt in Washington this past week. I logged over 50 miles in tough country with a heavy pack over a four day period which included a few days of typical Pacific Northwest rain. The boots were very comfortable and performed excellent on the trail or climbing the rocky wet slopes. I’ve never owned a more comfortable pair of boots right out of the box. Thanks for a great product and contributing to my successful once in a lifetime hunt.


Kevin P.”

Way to go Kevin! Talk about a great trophy, and taken with a handgun to boot! Thanks for the letter, Schnee’s is proud to have been a part of your hunt!


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